Describe Facial Expressions In Korean
게시일 : 2019.08.20 18:22
Learn how to describe various facial expressions—crying, angry and impassive—in Korean! Yeji asked the TTMIK teachers to describe pictures of babies with various facial expressions and brought the most useful expressions from their description. You will be surprised at how complicated a single word related to emotion conveys!

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To pretend to + V / -(으/느)ㄴ 척하다/체하다

Present Progressive / -고 있어요;ticket=268608

To look like, To seem like / 같아요;ticket=517581

Negative sentences 안, -지 않다;ticket=184028

Verb Ending / -네요;ticket=517581

Very, A bit, Really, Not really, Not at all / 아주, 조금, 진짜, 별로, 전혀;ticket=268608

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